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rooftop walfanger

ribeirão preto - sp

casacor 2023


 about the project

We always seek to create atmospheres in which people can have some connection.

This project, for CASA COR 2023, is inspired by the outdoor social areas of one of the hottest cities in the interior of São Paulo, where receiving you at home, along with a swim in the pool and a cold drink, make all the difference.


running away fromcharacteristics commercials of a conventional bar, we instigated theunderstanding of the environment as the leisure area of a house or roof, seeking to identify visitors with the space and also providing the opportunity to actually experience it.


As it is a functional space, with a residential aspect,we proposed adapt elements common to the leisure areas, such as sunbeds and the swimming pool, to function as lounges in a bar.

Reinforcing this concept, all choices of coatings, furniture, lighting, works of art and objects were carefully selected for this purpose.

For us, architecture goes far beyond seeing the potential of space and designing something new or that enhances what already exists; it is analysis and transformation of society.

Landscaping, on the other hand, goes far beyond providing plant species; it is the architecture of the landscape and a fundamental part of the construction of the space and the concept presented. 


This union between architecture and landscaping, from the conception of the project, is fundamental for us to propose a space made to be lived and experienced.

Our partners:

Augusta Design / Casa Rara / Copav / Lucenera / Definex / Monte Alegre / Eucatex / Atelier M Faleiros / Sign / Coral Paints / Deca / Kimi Nii / Claudia Bigoto / Construtora DW / Carol Gotardo / Margirius / Safe / Marcenaria Arantes / Rebrota / Belartte / Camila Blooming / Nini Garcia / Cristina Palma.

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